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4/20/17    45th District Senate Race: Independent Parker Harris Announces Bid

Woodinville resident and teacher Parker Harris will run as an independent in the pivotal state Senate race. The 45th District race is important for Democrats because it presents an opportunity to flip control of the state Senate in the ... full story

4/19/17    Issaquah Reporter: Woodinville Teacher Announces Candidacy for 45th District Senate

Woodinville high school teacher Parker Harris recently announced his candidacy for the 45th District Senate seat. Harris, 31, teaches math at Woodinville’s Attic Learning Community. He said he is running as an independent because ... full story

4/17/17    Kirkland Reporter: Woodinville Resident Enters Senate Race as Independent

Woodinville resident Parker Harris has announced his candidacy for the 45th District Senate seat, which will be on the ballot this year in a special election. The seat is currently held by Sen. Dino Rossi, who has said he will not run ... full story

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